1-on-1 Strategies FOR ALL Standardized Tests

National Test Preparation Service is now offering one-on-one test taking strategies and methodologies sessions for ALL standardized tests (LSAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, DAT, MCAT abs others).

2 sessions for only $200 or individual sessions for $125.

Test management works & can be worth 3-10 points!

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National Test Preparation Service


No need to worry about social distancing in your LSAT preparation!
ALL of our courses are VIRTUAL ONE ON ONE!
We provide quality and affordable sessions once a week for 13 weeks. We also have targeted sessions for your problem areas. We can help you get prepared for April, June, July and August tests.
Call us, because right now

Since we opened our doors in 2000, the NTPS has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with each individual student. We provide one-on-one tutoring for LSAT and SAT and online non-instructor courses for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT.

Our LSAT test preparation program has been successfully implemented in the curricula at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, Winston Salem State University and North Carolina Central University

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Helping Students Fulfill Their Potential

Our goal is to assist you with standardized test preparation, one student at a time.

My experience with National Test Preparation Services was phenomenal. In the midst of Co-Vid-19, a busy work schedule and children, my instructor was patient, organized and extremely knowledgeable. The program really works! The tip sheets are key to drilling down the lesson plans. Unfortunately, there were many competing obligations during my studies which limited my time. However, my instructor did not let me fall off. With limited time for studies after each session, the tip sheets pulled me through. I improved my score 12 points!!!
I cannot say enough about NTPS. At NTPS, it is likely you will improve your score on the LSAT. But follow their program and the plan they have for you, it’s highly likely you’ll be getting scholarship money. REAL TALK!!!
Jeannie Romain, Catholic University School of Law | First Year Law Student Fall of 2020

I took the National Test Preparation Service course to prepare for the LSAT. The instructors work with you to build a flexible schedule that fits within your learning pace and life priorities. The one-on-one virtual sessions also mean you can take the course and study from any part of the world. My instructor was very knowledgeable about LSAT test-taking strategies and he gives you personalized feedback about your areas of strength and improvement. My scores went up by 9 points and I got scholarships to law schools. I am very happy I took my LSAT prep course with NTPS and I would totally recommend that you do.

Rebecca Doherty, Catholic University School of Law | Full Scholarship | 1st Year Fall 2020

The Law School Admissions Test is one of the most important factors in the law school admission process. I had the opportunity to take this course at Saint Augustine’s College during the 2006-2007 school year and it made all the difference. I was able to improve my score by 10 points as a result of his knowledge of how to take the test and constant practice. As a result of taking this course I was able to get a competitive score on the LSAT and ultimately gain admission to FAMU College of Law where I graduated in 2010 and successfully passed the Florida Bar Exam. I am currently working as an Assistant Public Defender in Orlando, FL.

Attorney Bruce Mount, NTSP - 2007 | FAMU College of Law - 2010

What impressed me the most about the instructor for National Test Preparation Service’s LSAT prep class is that the class was very well organized. He broke the sections down in our LSAT textbook and we, as a class took our time understanding the concepts of each section we needed to master. Also, having the practice tests scheduled on different days throughout the class helped get a better understanding of the sections we were having trouble with and we applied what we learned up to that point to improve our scores. Taking this class was the best thing that could have happened to me. Not only did I learn how to tackle the LSAT test and improve my score tremendously, I learned how to be more organized, structured and disciplined.

LaToya Burt, NTSP - 2011

The actual experience and knowledge you gain while going through the National Test Preparation Service course offers participants a base to become an effective LSAT test takers. For each of the test’s sections, the course instructor’s strategies were clear and goal-directed. The quality of the study materials and the commitment of the program were truly impressive.

Starr L. Battle, NTSP - 2011 | NCCU Law School - 2015

Some of the tips for solving the problems on the LSAT that I learned in the National Test Preparation Services LSAT prep course were invaluable. Anybody looking to take the LSAT for the first time or simply wanting to improve their score would do themselves a great justice by taking this class.

Regina Rudisill, NTSP - 2011 | Law School of Law - 2017

After I took the LSAT for the first time, some people told me I did not have a chance of getting into law school. When I met the instructor for National Test Preparation Services, he told me that if I was willing to work hard and follow his program, I would get in. I took his LSAT Prep course and now I am proud to say that I am a graduate of theLoyola University School of Law In New Orleans. NTPS not only taught me the strategies and techniques that enabled me to improve my score significantly, they also helped me with my personal statement. Test Prep Plus was invaluable to me. Take the course, you can’t go wrong!

Sierra Cato, NTSP - 2010 | Loyola University School of Law - 2014
When following the National Test Preparation Services plan to prepare for the LSAT, my score greatly improved. If you follow the plan as laid out, you will be more than prepared for the LSAT.
Corey D. Branch, NTSP - 2009 | President, NPHC of the Greater Raleigh Area

National Test Preparation Service’s LSAT class provided me with the tips and practice I needed to prepare for the test. NTPS Service’s instructors get to know students on a personal level and genuinely care about their success.

Shana Moore, NTSP - 2011 | UNC Law School - 2015

National Test Preparation Services is an awesome course! The instructor was great too! The course is definitely designed to challenge you and prepare you for the beast of an exam known as the LSAT! The instructor makes it plain and lays out a map to success from the beginning. In order to see where you are, one of the first things you do is a diagnostic practice LSAT test. My score started out at a 129 and he basically guaranteed at least a 10 point increase if you followed his plan and did as he instructed. From there on out, students have classroom instruction, homework, practice tests and tips along the way about the types of questions commonly asked on the LSAT and how to attack them. Another great thing about the course is that students can utilize the virtual world through Oovoo to be a part of the class too if the location is an issue. Time is also allotted to elaborate on the law school application process, which is also very helpful. The instructors know what the are talking about and I am a testimony of the success. When I took the LSAT I made a 142, 13 points higher than I started with. That’s why I recommend NTPS to anybody who is serious about the LSAT and getting into law school!

Michelle Patrick, NTPS - 2014 | Magistrate

Before I started the course, I was quite anxious about the LSAT. I had taken several practice tests, and I was scoring exceedingly lower on one particular section than the other sections. Instead of studying each section of the LSAT for the same amount of time, as one would do in a large class, the personalized sessions with Mr. Stanback allowed me to sharpen my strengths and focus on my weakest area. On the real LSAT that I took to gain admission into law school, not only did my overall score improve, but also the section that I was initially the weakest at became my strongest. He significantly boosted my test taking confidence and helped me achieve a score that was high enough to get into the law school that I desired to attend.

Madison Smith, Honor Council Co-Chair, Presbyterian College - 2016
Overall, I feel that your course and training was better than anything I have experienced in my other professional training, particularly in identifying the problem types and the strategies on how to attack them.
Thank you so much for everything!  I will be in touch soon with my resume and information for a reference letter.
If you ever need help advertising here in Wilmington, don’t hesitate to contact me for getting the word out!
Alyce Maurer, Fall 2014 Law School Applicant

The Law School Prep Plus Program is a wonderful program and is providing a great service to the community. It is affordable, reasonable, and well structured. It prepared me for not only the fear of the test but also for the mechanics and strategies necessary to successfully complete each section. The shared knowledge from the instructor and skills this program offers goes well beyond test and the application process for law school. This class provided me with the best investment in my future and the successful submission of my law school application.

Kia McCormick, NCCU Class of 2018